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{ Monthly Archives } August 2008

Intro Homework 4

Our fourth homework assignment for Intro to Photography was to take 36 pictures (a full “roll”) of a single object. Our chosen object did not have to be the primary subject of every shot, but the idea was to think about perspective and composition and view the object many different ways. I wanted to use […]

Intro Homework 3

Our third homework assignment for the Intro to Photography class was to choose a picture from another photographer that we liked and bring it in to class. The class critiqued each picture, pointing out the composition elements we learned in action. For this assignment, I choose a picture of the Nurburgring in Germany, taken by […]

Intro Homework 2 Feedback

At our third session, we critiqued everyone’s homework as a class. I was pleased that everyone liked my 30-second exposure with the playing cards. Somewhat ironically, that was the shot I spent the least time on and took the fewest exposures trying to create. Some of the other students also liked the shot of the […]

Intro to Photography Homework 2

Tonight I finished the second homework assignment for my intro to photography class. The assignment was composed of four parts: Three Slow Shutter Pictures: show motion through blur Three Fast Shutter Pictures: convey motion by freezing action One Pan Shot: capture an object in motion by blurring the background One Long Exposure: have fun with […]


Photography is a pastime that I’ve always liked. Now that I’ve invested in real equipment (a Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR camera) and started taking classes I’m taking the hobby more seriously. This site was created as a place for me to record the progress of my photography education. Here I’ll describe the shoots I […]