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Intro Homework 4

Our fourth homework assignment for Intro to Photography was to take 36 pictures (a full “roll”) of a single object. Our chosen object did not have to be the primary subject of every shot, but the idea was to think about perspective and composition and view the object many different ways.

I wanted to use my car for this assignment, but due to a failed inspection and a general bad mood last weekend visiting my parents at home, that didn’t work out. In the future, I may do this assignment over and use my car to see if I can develop a better set.


For my target, I settled on the Belvedere Castle in Central Park. This castle sits at the second highest elevation in the park and hosts a weather station. I was a little pressed for time and took just over 100 shots on Sunday afternoon. From those shots I’ve selected 38 to print for class. Out of what I’ve chosen, I think about five are relatively strong images. I’m disappointed in several but basically ran out of time and wasn’t as dedicated to this assignment as I could have been.

Update: These images are now available in Gallery.